With holiday break now in effect from today until January, Gahanna high school students are looking forward to some time off from classes and activities. For those that participate in sports, such as basketball and swimming, there are most likely still some games and practices to attend. If you’re playing winter sports to get ready for spring athletics, such as lacrosse, tennis, or track and field, it can be beneficial to complete some sport specific training at AAA Fitness.

Our certified personal trainers can work with high school athletes to help them prepare their body for their favorite sport, or the one they want to get better at, in hopes of landing a college scholarship. By working on flexibility, strength, speed and coordination, our trainers can help improve your personal best in the races that you run, or increase the height or distance you can achieve in jumping or throwing events. If you’re a sprinter, we’ll work on training that improves your speed, and if you’re a hurdler, we’ll work on agility and stride, so you hit every hurdle at the precise pace.

High school sports are always exciting, and constantly improving is a great way to beat the competition, land college scholarships, and live a healthier life. If you’re a high school athlete, or the parent of a high school athlete, contact AAA Fitness in Gahanna to learn more about our sport specific training. With track season just around the corner, now is the time to sign up and get started!